The Fourth Wave: Adwoa Aboah

Other | Thursday 12th July 2018 | Roberta Micallef

The Fourth Wave is a series of stories

about people advocating for women's rights, today.


Activist first, model second - Adwoa Aboah is using the fashion industry to make a real impact. Aboah founded Gurls Talk, a platform through which women could share their stories and form a community of understanding and inclusion, in 2015. 

Adwoa created Gurls Talk because she believed that having an organisation talking about issues such as mental health and body image without shame, would have proven immensely beneficial when she was growing up.

Speaking honestly about her battle with depression and addiction has encouraged other girls to do the same. This honesty is beginning to tear down the fabricated female image that girls often see on Instagram and the runway. 

Adwoa has organised plenty of events with workshops and talks by people in the fashion industry about life, feelings and experiences. Model Hair Nef, sex columnist Karley Scortino and intersex advocate Hanne Gaby Odiele have been among the role models to speak at these events.

With access to a long list of people making a difference in Hollywood, Aboah has started conversations with people that have a large impact on the women of tomorrow. 

Through her Gurls Talk website, girls can submit, art, essays and poetry about subjects that they are passionate about. These submissions act as a connecting thread of understanding, conversation and community between girls from all around the world.

Adwoa has openly discussed her personal experiences, knowing that these conversations demand attention. Her position has allowed her to encourage, support, empower and inspire other girls to be more. 

“I should have reached out and seen there were so many other girls going through what I was going through" - Adwoa Aboah