Drum and bass producer Ten Walls himself

Drum and Bass | Thursday 18th January 2018 | Gassy

Drum and Bass has always been about building the bridges cultures and promoting a non-race oriented approach to having fun. However, one man has made racist comments and created a storm.

Mistabishi produces Drum and Bass, a style of music rooted in a variety of cultures, including sound system culture that would certainly not be here without Jamaicans in London. His comments have come after the recent cancellation of Trump's UK visit. 

James Pullen aka Mistabish, a graduate in Philosophy, recently wrote in reference to London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan "He's not English and London is not his capital city". Good to see what his philosophy is! 

In fact, as people have noted, Pullen is from North Essex and Sadiq Khan from Tooting so Sadiq is really more of a Londoner than Mistabishi. 

What's sad is that as you scroll through the comments on these threads you find some people don’t see the producers comments as racist. 


Others are not in the same mindset as Mistabishi:

Pullen's record label, Hospital, has been notified of his social media misconduct, an individual going by the name Muzzy has contacted his sponsors and sent them screenshots of the comments. 

We understand why people are having go at Mistabishi, he should be aware that Drum and Bass would not have crossed the borders of the UK if it was not for other cultures.

He has racist points of views, which aren't acceptable but may have been caused by what he has seen in his environment i.e the damaging impact of gang culture, knife crime and anti-social behaviour. These are not ethnic minority issues but they do often find themselves housed in the more economically deprived areas based on conditions laid down by generations of white British.

Overall, we know that Britain has shaped this modern world we live in. English was once the first language spoken in the world, yet Britain has shown its military might in wars through the years and torn countries and continents apart from Africa to Iran, Iraq to Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

His vile comments about immigrants are hurtful. Remember that the British economy is built on the blood, sweat and tears of many. 

What would Britain be without immigrants?

Take British cuisine, built around ‘immigrants’ food. Those immigrants Mistabishi is slashing, without them we would never have our beloved Turkish lamb doners, Chinese chicken chow mein, beautiful Jamaican jerk chicken, spicy Nigerian & Ghanian jollof rice, Indian curries, Spanish paella and Italian pizzas. Don’t you think it would be boring to eat just cottage pie and fish and chips as much as we love 'em?

If you look at modern music, its roots lay in the blood of slaves, who sung out of their misery and created those beats to beat the humiliation they were going through every day. If you remove all the great black names from British music, there is no drum and bass, no grime, soul, funky house, house, garage, rap, soul 2 soul; someone kill me, please.


What about sport? If you remove all the African, Asian player's from your favourite teams, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester, are you still going to do as well? The Olympics is a classic example of the diversity of English teams. So many gold medals are earnt by Nigerians and Asians representing England.

What about the NHS and the field of medicine? If ever Mistabishi was to go to A&E let's see how long he waits to be helped if he doesn't want to be seen by doctors and nurses that are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.

Mistabishi is going to have a tough war against immigrants. 

There will always white people moaning about the effect of what other cultures have on Britain.

But for eternity, spirits will scream and weep at the centuries of agony and pain brought by invading British who never came to work and integrate but to plunder the lands and people. 

We should all be grateful for the wonderful immigrants we have and the cultural diversity with which Britain leads the way in the world. And London is the perfect example.