Bonobo's Migration travels to distant realms

House | Wednesday 11th January 2017 | Cristina

The lead single from Bonobo’s latest album, Migration, is Kerala, the hit that exploded across radio and playlists a couple of months ago. It samples Brandy into abstraction and melancholy, which is mirrored by its disorientating video. Whilst not a surprising release to Bonobo fans, it brought new recognition to Simon Green, aka Bonobo, from listeners of house, indie and R&B, and the whole spectrum of other genres – this is a unique, far-reaching sound.

Since Green’s move to LA, the influence of travel and migration can be heard in his productions and this album seems like the most obvious materialisation of that influence, with its sense of wonder and displacement. The album’s artwork is sincere and magical – a series of photographs shot by artist Neil Krug in the Mojave Desert, where Green went to listen to the album as he was producing it.

The sweeping landscapes in the art are just as vivid and otherworldly as the music. The androgynous vocals of Rhye’s Michael Milosh feature on ‘Break Apart’, which tellingly is one of the LP’s less notable moments. It really shines in ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ and ‘Outlier’. ‘Is home where you are or where you are from, when you move around?’ asks Bonobo in a press release. This is an LP which holds many answers.

Migration hits stores on January 13. You can pre-order or order it here.