Hanging Gardens leaves you with a Hanging Mouth

House | Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Ben

The duo known for great remixes showed everyone they can also hold there own with the best songwriters, with a feast of Electro funk all stuffed into one tidy LP, Hanging Gardens.


The Los-Angeles duo of  Tyler Blake and Michael David also known as Classixx were initially noticed for their ability to turn songs on there heads with dance inspired remixes.


In the age of the bedroom producer, a great remix does not mean you can also create a great tune from scratch. After all they are both different kinds of music producing and can arguably represent both ends of the spectrum. So when the duo released Hanging Gardens it felt like they were taking the next step in there development not maturing but innovating. 


Taking elements from funk, Dance and old-school electro to create a high tempo album you would love to hear at a club from start to finish.


Loaded with bangers but  all you’re waiting for is a particular stand out song, featuring Nancy Whang of Lcd Soundsystem and The Juan Mclean. The Track represents what’s best about the duo, a funk inspired baseline with an 80’s inspired pop vibe.


This is what classic dance music should be. A melting pot of so many different genres with a beat so catchy it’s like an itch you just want to keep scratching for the whole summer.


It represents that particular house party you seem to think about every time you go to bad one. The Funk influence is clear and in many ways is your quintessential LA Dance record. It’s the perfect blend, a contemporary technical album with all the right nods and references to the late 80’s dance scene.


The blend of Funk, Pop and techno really make this album a lot more than just a great dance record it’s a great record period.