Would You Like Some Banging Tacos With Your Beats?

Other | Tuesday 24th October 2017 | Serena

An international eclectic & curated lineup which would look to be the envy of any international music festival, but this is Tropicalia, an embrace of the cumulative latino culture that has cultivated in California and caught our hearts in the rest of the world.

What we have here is a display of sonic senses, certainly reflective of the Tropicalia movement in the 1960’s, this is the kind of sound where brash drums at 130 BPM take over the resonant frequency of your bloodstream.

Even if you have zero latina DNA, there is an instinct to move your body to these sounds. With major artists incorporating the ‘sound of the favelas’ and the unprecedented success of ‘Despacito’, Latin vibes are officially embraced in mainstream and taken as the feelgood fun that they are supposed to be. This line up is arguably the sound of the future, with such a mix of genres it is a true testament to the progression of the music scene with all its influences, certainly not something to be missed, at least all of them are a must hear.

L.A.'s favourite psychedelic funk rockers Chicano Batman and the fashion designer turned indie pop/electronica Colombian songstress Kali Uchis prepare the crowd for a night of dancing with their dreamy grooves and body shaking beats. Norteño music icons Los Tigres del Norte close out Tropicália, whipping the crowd into a frenzy of Norteño dance twists, twirls and caballito kicks.

The often mentioned eclectic line-up ensures that there is an artist or group representing any given dance genre. Tropicália keeps the crowd moving by mixing soul music legends Brenton Wood and The Delfonics with the queen of rockabilly Wanda Jackson, plus reggaeton royalty her highness Ivy Queen and soft sweet sounds from Jhené Aiko.

There will be throwback performances from 90's RnB star Ginuwine as well as 80’s disco dancing sensation Evelyn Champagne King who will have you spinning like a record. True Brazilian beats breakout star Sango is sure to dish out favela funk and hip-hop bangers.

If you are in Long Beach make sure to head there early for frickin free tacos during this auditory journey of the world. Tacos are courtesy of: