Kieran Martin drops Melodies & Colours

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 5th October 2016 | Felix

Kieran Martin has released the visuals for his debut single, 'Melodies & Colours' - out now on LoveHate™ Records.

The London-based singer/producer is the face of his own movement - 'future roots' music incorporates the artist's contemporary production techniques with a love for tribal rhythms and ambient sounds. This, combined with a powerful vocal and poetic lyrics about the black experience (from societal oppression to police shootings), creates a stark and sombre track. However the music is rich and earthy - as the vocal melodies weave between each other there is certainly a sense of hope for both Kieran as an individual and the ills of wider society.

The visuals come from Ant Lavelle, who heads LoveHate™ Records and creates music with roots in modern hip-hop that branches into the clouds. The overall effect is one of an interrupted transmission or a discovered VHS tape, with lo-fi black and white imagery glitching into grainy archive footage - splashes of colour between the greys.

Catch Kieran Martin's live performance debut at LoveHate Records label showcase at The Nines, Peckham on 13th October.

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Follow LoveHate™ Records on SoundCloud // Instagram.