Go Pokemon Go

Other | Monday 18th July 2016 | Arren

Pokemon Go fever has hit the UK as millions of you out there downloaded the album and have embarked on your mission to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Our office was no different...

The demand has been so much that the servers in it's first weekend collapsed and many experiencing problems with the location detection. We spoke to a couple of the guys in the office who had got the app.

Video guru

So what are your thoughts on the game?
I think it encourages people to go outside and exercise and that, it's a shame it has to come from a game but at least it's working.

Any examples?
So one of my mates who I went to school with, who has probably never rode a bike in his life - he went out for three hours yesterday catching Pokemon.

How much exercise have you done?
Well today I was in Woolwich and found loads of eggs. There are loads of poke-stops in Woolwich and I had to go Wetherspoons and a coffee shop to charge my phone. In all these poke-stops I got 9 eggs, you need to walk different distances to hatch them, So I've walked 4 and a half miles to get some to hatch.

And how many Pokemon have you caught?
Overall I've caught 104, but that includes duplicates. So about 28 unique Pokemon.

Any good ones?
I got a Pidgey and managed to evolve it to Pidgeotto. I also caught a Slowbro in Woolwich.

Any on your hit list?
All of them bruv!

You come across any problems?
Yeah... You can get a Pikachu when you start if you walk away from the initial start Pokemon 4 times. When I caught it, the game just froze so I had to start again.
It rinses battery and I'm still unsure how much data it rinses.
When you're on the DLR it's too fast and it freezes the game if you're trying to catch Pokemon, though the buses are just slow enough for it to work! Thinking of getting on the N1 from Tottenham Court Road to Thamesmead after a big night and catching bear Pokemon. That'll be an interest trip home!
What is quite hilarious, Woolwich McDonalds is a Pokemon Gym! They already have problems with people loitering around so that won't help.

Any tips for beginners?
Walk away from the start Pokemon 4 times to get Pickachu! Also go Woolwich cos it's popping.

Master Designer

So what are your thoughts on the game?
It wasn't that fun and I thought it would be.

What's not fun about it?
Its just the feeling. It's not interactivable, you can't battle your friends really all you do its walk around random places trying to catch Pokemon.

How many Pokemon have you caught?
Well I just started, like 12 but they're all shit. I don't think I'll be catching any more.

Any good ones?
All those shit, fucking useless ones - waste of energy and effort.

You come across any problems?
Basically you need internet all the time, so it'll fuck up your data. The battery too, it'll fuck you up man. I use to charge my phone at night and now I have to charge like three times a day. You know how annoying that is for me carrying round my charger and plugging in all the time.
Also if you play Pokemon Go, you need to allow access to your contents, camera, images, storage space. Basically its just a privacy concern.
It's not fun, not like GameBoy. All you do is see big maps and a guy walking round endlessly. and a random fucking Pokemon pops up and you have to click it and throw a poke ball. It just makes you look stupid.