Mongolia are revolutionising their addressing system

Other | Friday 17th June 2016 | Arren

From next month the Asian country is swapping street names and house numbers for three word sequences.

Sounds strange right, but it makes sense as a lot of places there don’t have an address, even entire roads have no name. So they'll be ditching the numbers to three random words as generated by the location app what3words.

Mongolia is the first country to adopt the what3words address names. But how does it work? Well the app has split the planet into 3 by 3 metre squares - each assigned a sequence of three words. That’s 57 trillion squares each with their own name. The system means that everywhere on the planet now has an address, a much more useful one too as the location’s are more precise.

The renovation of their postal address system means everyone in Mongolia now has an address. Whether they're deep in a city or in the middle of the Gobi desert they have a random three words to call theirs. The move is great for the countries continued growth making it more accessible both for business and ordinary citizens.

Across the world there are 4 billion people without an adequate address, making simple things like post and banking difficult. Maybe soon we’ll all be using the new three word system?