Ordering food online could soon become easier than ever

Tuesday 28th February 2017 |

Just Eat is introducing voice technology that will change the way we order food. 

Voice technology and Artificial Intelligence are taking huge leaps forward and more companies are now using them as tools to provide customer service.

After Starbucks, who recently introduced a new voice-ordering feature through the ‘My Starbucks’ app, popular food-delivery company Just Eat announced that its users can now order food using home assistant Amazon Echo. 

Just imagine sitting at home on your sofa and asking voice assistant Alexa to order a meal from one of your favourite take-aways. Well, Just Eat just made that possible.

For the time being, users are only able to ask their home assistants to re-order a meal or enquire about food that is on its way, but in the near future possibilities could reach even further.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Fernando Fanton, chief product and technology officer at Just Eat, spoke about how ordering food from the service might soon change entirely.

Fanton said: “One of the things we’re really excited about that we think will make a difference is voice interface. The problem of having to understand a particular way of communicating will fade away, and the experience will be as natural as going into a restaurant and asking a person, what should I eat today? We are not far away from that reality.”

According to Fanton, further improvements to the company’s voice interface could arrive this year or the next.

Competition between food-delivery services has recently become incredibly fierce, with the fairly new service Deliveroo becoming a popular preference.

Implementing new technologies such as AI and voice interface might be a really wise strategy to make Just Eat stand out from the crowd.