New App to reduce food waste and give us great meals

Other | Monday 8th August 2016 | Arren

New app lets us fine dine for less, while saving the enviroment.

A new app, launching in London this month, will get users high quality meals from restaurants that would have otherwise been binned.

Too Goo To Go was founded in Denmark by a group of friends who want to save the world by cutting food waste. The app has already hit Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton - allowing its users to eat top notch food that was destining for the bin.

So far around 100 restaurants have signed up, giving us a lot of choice. Designed to fight climate change, the app's website explains that 'if food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, whilst recovering just half of the food that is lost of wasted we could feed the world alone'.

They're right to be concerned, a report published in May by the government showed that 1.1 million tonnes of food is avoidably thrown out annually.

For full details on Too Good to Go, head over to their website.