Never forget about Dre

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 15th April 2016 | Ollie

A look at the Legacy of the Dr who gave us Hip-Hop Andre "Dr Dre" Young

Born in 1965, The Compton Legend started cutting his teeth by DJ’ing in local clubs as Dr. J, this led to him meeting DJ Yella and they formed a group called World Class Wreckin Cru and they went on to have some success in the scene.

Wanting to make a change, after catching Eazy-E’s attention Dre found his way into producing for his label Ruthless Records, teaming up with Yella, MC-Ren and Ice-Cube they recorded what would be the classic Straight Outta Compton Album.

On top of it being an instant classic they attracted attention from the FBI due to one of their signature tracks “Fuck tha police” leading it to be one of the first albums to receive the Parental Advisory label and it went double platinum.

After this success came Eazy’s and the next NWA album which were both highly successful with Dre and Yella still handling the production duties.

Wanting a change from his situation Dre left Ruthless to start a new Label with Suge Knight, which was to be called Death Row Records. His first single as an artist was the title track to the film Deep Cover which introduced the world to a new Dr. Dre and a then unknown Snoop Dogg. Following this success Dre released the seminal The Chronic album that heavily featured Snoop and it was a smash hit going triple platinum and earning him a Grammy.

Capitalising on his success Dre quickly went back to recording and gave us Snoop Doggs Classic Doggystyle album which established Snoops status and Tupac’s acclaimed "California Lovin" that topped the Billboard 100 charts.

Looking for another adventure and unhappy with Deathrow he founded Aftermath and provided us with The Slim Shady LP that brought us Eminem, he then released his next effort 2001 which dominated the charts yet again. He then went from strength to strength giving us artists such as 50 Cent, The Game and recently giving his nod of approval to Compton native Kendrick Lamar.

After all this Dr Dre still continued to be a pioneer, with the unprecedented success of his Beats by Dre Headphones which are near impossible to escape from as they are worn everywhere, he then sold his share to Apple for a rumored $1 Billion.

He then made his foray into directing and producing movies with the Straight Outta Compton film becoming a hit, in addition to his role in the Award winning Training day.

With such a varied history Dr Dre is one of the true Hip-Hop legends and his legacy will continue to inspire others for many years to come.

We Saulte you Dre