5 Apps to Help You be More Productive

Other | Monday 8th February 2016 | Arash

In this day and age, we’re surrounded by technology from the moment we’re born. As well as providing us with convenience, it also provides us with help in surviving in the concrete jungle of the modern world. Here is a list of six handy little apps that will allow you to improve your life in a number of different ways:

Be More Active

Temple - Fitness apps are an easy way to help you be active and keep in shape, but for something a little less straining, there’s Temple. Temple allows you fill in three key sections; Workout, fluid and fuel intake throughout the day. It even gently reminds you when you need to hydrate.



Click here to download Temple straight to your phone

Rest Well

Pzizz - Studies show that a good night’s sleep has many health benefits including improved memory, weight loss and even helps in the prevention of diseases. With its clean cut design ease of use, Pzizz Sleep varies between soft melodies and sounds to lull the user to a peaceful sleep.


You can download Pzizz here

Don't Waste Your Money

Wally - One of the most important things to consider whilst increasing your productivity is budgeting. This is often something that most people overlook which costs them hundreds of pounds a month.

Wally, with its simplicity, gets rid of the tediousness that most tend to face when budgeting and focuses purely on spendings, savings and income ratio, helping you to easily manage your money.

You can download Wally by clicking here


GPS for the Soul - This app is easy to use and can really help you to decrease your stress levels. Working almost like a biofeedback machine,you place your finger over the camera lens of your phone which then measures your heart rate and variability.


Then it takes into account factors such as your age, weight, gender and then displays your stress levels before offering different methods of reducing your stress.


You can download GPS for Your Soul for iPhone by clicking here

You can also download from here if you have an Android device

Be More Organised

Wunderlist - Wunderlist is an easy way to make notes on everything in your life, from grocery lists to that big job interview that you’ve preparing for. It allows you to create notes, share them with coworkers and even reminds you of any appointments you maybe have scheduled.


Download Wunderlist for free here