Guestlist Recommends: Matisyahu

Reggae | Wednesday 13th January 2016 | Teresa

Matisyahu is a novelty in the music industry, born in Pennsylvania to a Jewish family, the previously Hasidic Jew fuses rap and reggae to voice his compassionate message.


From a young age, Matisyahu was into rapping, but as he rediscovered his faith after a period of rebellion, both his musical interest and his religiosity grew. For Matisyahu, reggae has always been a major influence. In 2005, his reggae-rap single "King Without a Crown" gained him major recognition across the United States. While Judaism influences his music much like rastafarianism influenced that of Bob Marley, his music is packed with energy and feeling and ultimately, like Marley, a message of love and peace.


Last August, after a debacle over the artist's undeclared stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he clarified, "I support peace and compassion for all people... Regardless of race, creed, country, cultural background, etc, my goal is to play music for all people." To hear what the revolutionary reggae artist is currently working on, subscribe to