How to be a top notch adult

Wednesday 2nd December 2015 | Faima


It’s pretty fair to say that we can unanimously agree that being an adult is hard. From difficult job responsibilities to balancing work and family life, to trying to find a job, paying for everything and altogether seeming like you have a clue about where you’re headed in life. It can all be very daunting. But luckily, there are a few guidelines to being a top, well-rounded adult. Here’s how:




If you’re at the beginning of adulthood, i.e just left education and in pursuit of a job, it’s very important to never give up, as cliche as it sounds. It’s completely natural to feel dejected or disheartened after every rejection, it’s always difficult to land that first job opportunity. However, once it happens, it does get easier. And unless you’re really lucky, your first job is unlikely to be your dream job, so it’s important to keep your dream aspirations in view. Always work towards that and don’t get comfortable in what was supposed to be temporary. Remember, anything worth having isn’t always easy to get. 





Balancing time and being punctual are not exclusive to any given age, but when you’re an adult, these two things make life a lot easier. It’s easy to get lost in all the different priorities you have but be sure to leave time for all your loved ones. Jobs will come and go, but the importance of family and friends will stay constant, so it’s necessary to manage your time wisely for work and your social life. And when you're managing these responsibilities, it’s imperative to be on time, whether it's for a job interview, family gathering or social event. 



'Manners Maketh Man' (and woman)


This seems as though it’s becoming a lost art sometimes but having manners is crucial to everyday life. Whether at home, work, or on public transport, manners go a long way. And it’s so easy to do. A simple ‘please’ ‘thank you’ or smile could make someone’s day. Being polite is also a good way to be liked by people, especially in work environments.




As well as being polite, being friendly and approachable will lead to an easier and smoother work and social life. Since leaving education you will meet the most diverse array of people you've ever met, so be open to talking to everyone. If you find yourself at a new job, a party or gatherings where you don’t know everyone, remember a lot of people are in the same boat as you, no one’s going to reproach you for saying hello to them, there really is nothing to lose from being friendly. 



Make time for yourself


Being in your early 20s, it can feel like there’s 101 things to do (and there usually is) but we need to remember to have some down time too. Not only is it healthy, it’s refreshing to do something that you enjoy. It’ll boost your mood and most likely, productivity. Whether it’s reading, bike-riding, photography, painting, listening to music or swimming, make sure to take some time out for old, forgotten hobbies or things that don't involve stressing about life’s responsibilities. 



These are just some things we could all be doing to be amazing individuals, and there’s loads more, but one thing that is complimentary to all these things is a positive attitude. Whether you’re unable to manage your time wisely, having a hard time making friends or generally just having problems (which is known to happen a lot in adulthood), or not, a positive perspective can be a game-changer and reduce stress and anxiety. So give it a go, and here’s hoping adulthood is just as adventurous, uncertain and exciting as kidulthood.