Snoop Dogg's Future Has Just Got A Bit More Hazy

Other | Wednesday 11th November 2015 | Sam

On Monday night, everybody's favourite stoner, Snoop Dogg, unveiled his brand new business venture... Leafs by Snoop - a Colorado-based retailer selling cannabis-based products - what else did you expect?

After seeing the success of self-endorsed products by Dr Dre, Snoop has hurled himself into the cannabis market, putting his own face on the world's first 'mainstream cannabis brand'. Stocking cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates, Snoop has become the first celebrity to put his face on a company focusing purely on weed, ahead of country music legend Willie Nelson, who plans to release his own strain of weed, named Willie's Reserve.

Speaking about the brand in a statement on his website, the 44-year-old rapper claimed that he has "the finest quality cannabis one could imagine" followed by what could be the company's new tagline "Let's medicate, elevate and put it in the air!"

Interestingly, as the company is based solely in Colorado, Snoop can't legally own the company, as he is not a resident - he can only put his face on the brand. However the business will surely expand to other states in the future as weed is legalised, meaning that if marijuana is ever leaglised in Cali, Snoop Dogg will be able to be the first celebrity to own a cannabis company.

Find out more by checking the Leafs by Snoop website here!