What To Watch This Week - 9th November

Other | Monday 9th November 2015 | Sam

9th November 2015 - 

Ronaldo (Anthony Wonke) - Documentary
An honest, behind-the-scenes documentary exposing a year in the life of global football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. Viewings are today (9/11/15) only, so the cinematic experience for this is literally once in a lifetime!

13th November 2015 - 

The Fear of 13 (David Sington) - Documentary
Limited release
- An in-depth look at the life of a convicted murderer who has spent the past 23 years on Death Row and has subsequently asked the court to execute him. From realising the troubles of his past to falling in love behind bars - this documentary is an honest representation of life in an American prison.

Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle) - Drama/ Biography
Veteran director Danny Boyle reveals his own take on the incredible life of the late leader of the Apple digital revolution, Steve Jobs. With Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender playing the titular role alongside Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen, this promises to be one of the films of the year - a must-see!


Tell Spring Not To Come This Year (Saeed Taji Farouky & Michael McEvoy) - Documentary
Limited Release - What happened to the Afghani soldiers when the American forces packed up and went home? This exposé reveals the brutally honest opinion of those who are now tasked with fighting the Taliban in regards to the Americans who left their country in an irrepairable state as well as trying to keep the peace in a post-war era. 

The Lady in the Van (Nicholas Hytner) - Drama/ Biography
Starring Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent and James Corden and based on a true story, The Lady in the Van focuses around the relationship between a middle-aged man and the elderly woman who decides to park in his driveway and live out of her car for 15 years.