Facebook Announce New Music Sharing App

Friday 6th November 2015 | Sam

Yesterday, Facebook released a breand new feature for their iPhone app called 'Music Stories'. The service allows users to share and discover brand new music through Spotify and Apple Music with their Facebook friends through 30-second music previews.


The integration with Spotify and Apple Music allows users to click through to buy or save the track for later. Expect Apple to benefit more from this unison as, at the moment, the app is exclusively on iPhones - allowing users to seamlessly buy tracks through Facebook and listen to them at any time through their Apple Music app.

It's highly likely that Facebook will eventually bring out the service for Android users too as they are currently excluding a large proportion of their users, although nothing has been announced yet.

After stealing the limelight from MySpace all those years ago, Facebook have somewhat neglected the musical aspect of social media, focusing more on news sharing and video discovery. Therefore, Facebook has never been an ideal place for artists to promote their music, but that looks set to change now with the new service that the social media platform hopes will replace sharing Youtube links of songs you like to their site.

Facebook's latest move to expand their company will benefit both artist and consumer; audiences will be able to discover and purchase new music with ease at the click of a button and, on the flip side, artists will now have more exposure on a platform which has over 1 billion daily active users.