It's going to be Everything 050 this summer

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 27th May 2015 | Christina

With a history that reaches back into the heart of hip-hop’s golden era, New Jersey hip-hop crew 050 Boyz get ready to release their debut album Everything 050 on August 4th. Taking their name from New Jersey's district code, the group - Prince AK, Tru Trilla and Riq da Kid – has origins in the Garden State Greats movement formed in 2004 by Treach (Naughty by Nature) and Fam (Rottin Razkals).

Prince AK began as hype man for Flavor Unit’s Supreme C in 1995, but acting ambitions saw him swap the mic for the screen. Riq da Kid and Tru Trilla emerged in the game as part of the groups Deadly Collizion and It’s Only Family respectively. The pair were soon approached by Treach and Fam to join Garden State Greats, a collaborative movement dedicated to representing and unifying artists throughout New Jersey. When Prince AK joined forces with Riq da Kid to develop a new project, a group that would eventually evolve into 050 Boyz was formed, and by 2013 they had dropped their first mixtape 050 Dat.

Everything 050 documents this journey, combining a modern interpretation of classic hip-hop with New Jersey pride. Classic wordplay techniques are delivered with an assured presence on the mic, from the raucous opener ‘Hot Damn’ to the ferocious ‘Concrete Combat’. The production by Clinton Place perfectly complements the group’s lyrical prowess and allows their skills to shine. The features - DoItAll on ‘Pay Them No Mind’, and Fam and Treach on ‘DNA’ – pay homage to their past as the crew look to the future.

Watch the video for ‘Get Back’ for a little taste of what this crew can do:

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