Watch Prometheus On YouTube?

Other | Wednesday 19th September 2012 | Osh

The blockbuster Prometheus is set to be released three weeks early via YouTube.

Twentieth Century Fox studio have signed a deal with Google, Amazon, iTunes, CinemaNow, PlayStation, Vudu and Xbox Live as part of their initiative, The Digital HD project. The project will give the sites access to over six hundred films and TV programs, including shows such as Glee, New Girl and Family Guy.

Google revealed that: “Today you can buy Fox’s new release 'Prometheus' in HD, available three weeks ahead of the Blu-ray, DVD and video-on-demand release”. Jonathan Zepp, manager of Google’s TV & Film content partnerships, explained that the project will run in the US, before becoming available in other countries such as the UK, in the near future.

Once you have rented the film, you’ll have 48hrs to watch it or you have the option to just buy it. Fox revealed that: "Whether the plan involves watching Fox movies on connected HDTVs in your living room, or on your tablet or smartphone on the run, Digital HD offers up versatility and convenience".

Prometheus will be the first film to be released via Youtube, but until this project get’s started over here, looks like we’ll just have to enjoy the DVD release which is 10th November. Check out the trailer below:

By Rebecca Mason