Essential Viewing: DDS - Underbelly Documentary

Other | Monday 16th July 2012 | Annalisa

A fine example of true underground UK culture.

The underground world of graffiti has suffered in the past couple of years at the hands of our country’s ever increasing ‘big brother’ style of surveillance and punishment, with more and more graffiti writers given longer jail sentences for their actions, and with the rise of the street art movement in London and the UK, society’s attitude towards writers has grown more fierce and much less tolerant.

This documentary follows the DDS crew, one the most prolific, respected and creatively exceptional crews to emerge out of the UK graffiti scene, and this film enlightens viewers to the truly bewildering world of painting trains in London’s underground tube stations.

While this is not the first graffiti film to document 'train bombing', its hardcore handheld filming style is nothing short of phenomenal; we're taken on a journey of breaking and entering, delicate treading over train tracks, chases from the ever-present British Transport Police, and, of course, bountiful displays of jaw-dropping graffiti pieces taking up whole sides of train carriages.

Whether or not you appreciate, love, hate, respect or even care about graffiti culture, I challenge anyone to watch this without finding themselves being in a constant state of genuine awe.

- J. Baron