Top 5 films so bad they were good!

Other | Tuesday 7th January 2014 | Matt

Everyone has been in that position where they end up putting on a movie which they know is going to suck but they have nothing better to do on a Wednesday night after work or a Saturday morning with a banging hangover. Sometimes these films are low budget and poorly acted or just simple action flicks that don’t require too much brain power, something used as background noise. Every now and again, however, what may have started off as something to pass the time can end up being something truly life changing. I’m talking about the type of film that takes badness to a whole new level; whether it be ridiculously low budget special effects that makes Anaconda look like The Avengers, acting so wooden you’d think there was a talking tree on screen or plots with so many holes than all the duct tape in the world wouldn’t be able to keep it together.  Nevertheless there is something about the film that stops you from being able to take your eyes off of the screen and instead of walking away with a feeling of apathy you have a feeling of excitement, confusion and the urge to invite all your mates round and watch it again! Here’s five films that have had that effect on me:

5. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

The major directorial debut from Tim Burton. This crazy comedy follows the escapades of a child-like man on his adventure to retrieve his stolen bicycle. Now I was too young to have grown up with Pee Wee Herman and missed the TV series so when I finally first watched this (15 years or so after its initial release) I saw it as a story of a mentally disabled adult trying to get to grips with living in the real world... done as a comedy. On paper that sounds like an awful idea but thanks to the brilliant directing skills of Tim Burton and acting of ‘Pee Wee Herman’ it makes for a ridiculously enjoyable film. I do feel that I may be alone on this one in not being in on the joke but its good fun nonetheless. 

4. Sharknado

‘SyFy’ have been producing awful original movies for years now but earlier this year they made a movie that was so absurd and cringe-worthy that it caught the attention of the masses.  There’s not much point in describing the plot except that the film does exactly what it says on he tin –  Tornado + Sharks = Sharknado ( Just forget everything you know about Science, Sharks and Tornadoes).  Think ‘Snakes on a Plane’ meets ‘Deep Blue Sea’ with added computer generated effects (reminiscent of a GCSE Design Project) and the worst acting possible from (one time) Hollywood star Tara Reid and you have Sharknado – and it’s bloody marvelous!

3. Big money Rustla$

A low budget western comedy starring the insane Clown Posse in full face paint, what’s not to love? Chuck in some micro budget props, ridiculously OTT slapstick comedy and some questionable cameos from the likes of Bridget ‘The Midget’ Powers, Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond and Porn legend Ron Jeremy and you have all the makings of a ‘so bad it’s good’ classic.

2. Reefer Madness

Originally released as a church funded anti cannabis propaganda film int he 30's, this story revolves around the melodramatic events that take place after a group of teenagers try marijuana. These include an attempted rape, suicide and a descent into madness. The film was re-discovered in the 70s by advocates of the ‘Cannabis Reform Policy’ as an unintentional comedy. Since then it has achieved cult status due to its hilarious over the top depiction of the lives of pot smokers. Remember kids: drugs are bad!

1. The Wicker Man

Obviously I am talking about the universally panned Nic Cage remake and not the groundbreaking original. Nic Cage puts his infamous manic acting style into overdrive here to make this one of the greatest and hilarious films of all time. I personally believe Nic knew that nothing would contend with the original and that he was working with a poor script but instead of dropping out he did what any good actor would do: go absolutely berserk with his tongue placed firmly in cheek the whole time.  Words alone are not enough to convey the hilarity of Nic’s OTT acting in this otherwise serious and creepy thriller so I will  leave you with this video: 


Written by Matt Watkins @DarkSideNewz