Hypernormalisation is the must see documentary for anyone who wants to know the truth!

Tuesday 4th September 2018 | Grace

In a world where the leader of the labour party, who was once arrested for fighting racists, is now an alleged anti-Semite, where people can make themselves better looking in a click of a button and where the most orange man in politics claims to have normal adult sized hands, it can be very hard to know what to believe anymore.

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However, Adam Curtis’s latest documentary HyperNormalisation, has so many more facts as a post-truth documentary in its 2-hour 46-minute running time than have been said since modern politics began. Despite the film firstly seeming like the sort of thing a first-year student would watch as a right of passage into the conspiracy theorists’ stoner club, HyperNormalisation is a genuinely entertaining and insightful look into the last 40 years of the politics, internet and journalism that has been spoon fed into our spongy and unquestioning minds. But guess what? It turns out to all be lies! That is, if you trust and don’t question the documentary that is telling us it is all lies.

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Paranoid or not, everyone needs to check out the film that shows footage and interviews not normally shown on British TV and that can lead us to think differently about the world around us. HyperNormalisation is currently being shown on BBC iPlayer and is a serious must see for anyone who is sick of being treated like we can’t see the truth.