"That is only my goal as a DJ. Make the people dance." DJ Hugel talks to us about his new track, working with Super-Stars and how he makes the people dance.

Friday 10th August 2018 | Grace

Listening to DJ Hugel’s remixed version of the 1940’s classic song Bella Ciao will do just what he intended, and that is to make you dance, dance, and then dance just that little bit more! Despite being in the middle of spending the summer touring Europe, this rising star normally resides in the party central of Ibiza, where he regularly DJ’s and works alongside dance legends such as David Guetta, Pacha and Ushuaia. And, with over 50 million spotify streams for his work with Robin Schulz, and close to 1 million Spotify downloads a day for Bella Ciao, DJ Hugel is going to be a house-hold name before we know it.

Tell us about yourself?

I'm a French DJ and producer. I grew up in Marseilles, but I live now in Ibiza for summer and London for the winter. 

Describe your current state of mind in five words or less.

Obsessed, focus, hard work, creativity, energy

How do you get the influence for your sound in general?

I'm trying to find the right mix between the RnB or hip-hop vibe that I love on a house beat. It's always dance floor. I produce beats to make the girls dance. 

How has your music been going down so far in the UK?

UK is a new market for me. We just started to have some airplay on BBC Radio 1 - so a good start. 

What was one of your best gigs you have played?

Paris Bercy with David Guetta.

How did you get involved working with David Guetta?

We have the same agent. The legend Maria May at CAA. She booked me with him on big events. 

What was it like working with Robin Schulz?

He is a friend, it was super natural for us to make music together. As we spend a lot of time together in Ibiza, we naturally did a single. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

My biggest inspiration is Dr Dre. But as a DJ now I would love to collaborate with Drake or Dua Lippa 

Tell us about your new track ‘Bella Ciao’?

It's my first international hit, so I'm really proud of this one. 

What was it about the original 1940’s song that made you want to remix it?

I grew up in Marseilles with this song. With the Italian and Corsican people. When I heard it again in the Netflix series I was like wow I need to edit this song for my set and I did. 

Do you feel that with the original unofficial meaning of the song, and how it was a protest against fascism, and you remixing it today is a way of reflecting and rebelling against what is currently happening around the world?

No. I think this song got the magic to unite people together, make them jump and dance. That is only my goal as a DJ. Make the people dance. 

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Finding the way to give to everyone an income to survive because we are in 2018 and people are still dying because they don't eat or because they live in the street and the cold kills them. 

Nobody deserves that. And with all the money we got on this planet I think everyone should have at least some food and a roof over their head.

If you could eradicate one song from the history of music, what would it be?

Only God can judge people, I don't. 

What are you most in love with right now?

Life hahah. My life changed so much on the last 3 years I thank God every day for all the stuff that happen. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

Still making the girls dance and getting more plaques for that. 

DJ Hugel will be spending the rest of the summer touring more of Europe, but in the meantime, check out his Facebook and Twitter to find out what he is up to.