A Quick Look: Nelson Can

Other | Wednesday 1st August 2018 | Roberta Micallef

Calling them a girl band would deter from their mission as a drum, bass and vocals trio, to make music, without any limitations. Selina (vocals), Maria (drums) and Signe (bass) formed the band in 2011.

What sets them apart from the rest was their determination to stay away from a common component that other bands had - the guitar. 

Selina's Danish accent is a trademark of their authentic sound, that is underlined with inspiration from bands such as The White Stripes and Sioux and The Banshees. Their odd choice of instruments and sharp vocals have seen them on tour across Europe, away from their roots in Copenhagen.

As they dance viciously on stage, their vibrant nature is unmissable and in person, they are the text-book definition of what it means to be thriving artists. 

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