Cult Vault presents pale kid rapping fast

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 26th June 2018 | Toms

Who is 31 looking 21, white, half Jewish and can rap really really fast? George Watsky.

Talented poet, rapper, essayist, he does not hold back. He originally gaining famed back in 2011 with a Youtube video titled ‘pale kid raps fast’ racking up over two million views in just over two days. At five to six words a second it's pretty fast but this is not his only skill, but more on that in a second.

‘pale kid raps fast’ - Watsky

What helps him connect with so many people across the planet, so many outcasts, geeks is his constant message of grounded positivity. ‘From the view of an atom the human body’s a universe’ he raps. Yes, he will encourage you to never give up, but he also raps about all those times that life has pushed you over, and you feel like you can’t get up. He will be the first person to remind you that he has made some poor choices.

‘Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 3’ - Watsky

If the production on that alone does not inspire you, I am sure you will find plenty of other songs of his that will, whether it would be rapping about school shootings from the perspective of the shooter (Stick To Your Guns), or various clips from his early spoken word, ’Watsky DESTROYS pale bitch MC!’, where he raps against himself.

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