Trippie Redd releases two new tracks

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 26th June 2018 | Jake

Trippie Redd has had an eventful 2018. After a slow start to the year tensions between his former label-mate 6ix9ine boiled over into a full-blown Instagram war. Live videos shared, posts tagging each other and comments galore culminated in no new music but a whole lot of publicity.

The Ohio native did release a hit with Diplo earlier in the year titled ‘Wish’ and also worked with fellow enemies of 6ix9ine, Tadoe and Chief Keef on ‘I Kill People’. Nonetheless, solo material was few and far between, with fans having to make do with infuriating snippets (almost always shared by Trippie himself on his Instagram stories), grainy leaks and bizarre instances of uploads then abrupt removals (UKA UKA was removed after two weeks on Spotify).



Ahead of a possible album release, however, Trippie dropped two solo efforts that will satisfy the majority of his fans. By virtue of his unique nature in the world of Hip Hop and his refusal to be cast as a particular type of artist (be that singer or rapper), Trippie has garnered fans that may only care for his singing, and others that enjoy his verbose lyricism, while there are some who like both.




‘Me Likey’ and ‘How You Feel’ cater to both sets of fans’ tastes. The former is a trap beat with Trippie confidently displaying his rapper bravado, promising to be a hit in clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. The latter, meanwhile, is far more subdued. ‘How You Feel’ sees Trippie cry longingly over a guitar riff looped to produce an emotive, lovelorn instrumental, primed for Trippie’s unique wailing.

Overall the two tracks perfectly showcase Trippie’s signature sounds: a lament to love and a boastful, timely reminder that he can rock a trap beat.