'Danny Nedelko' by Idles is a pro-immigration punk anthem

Indie | Monday 11th June 2018 | David

Bristol punk outfit Idles continue in the blistering vein of last year’s Brutalism album with another politically charged barn-burner. What’s different with 'Danny Nedelko' is that there’s a fair bit more optimism than usual amidst the aggression.

Named after the Ukrainian frontman of fellow punk band Heavy Lungs, this pro-immigration anthem is a passionate call for unity in which singer Joe Talbot pledges solidarity with everyone from Zanzibari immigrant Freddie Mercury to the local Polish butcher. But between the song’s tightly interwoven twin guitar lines and Talbot’s fiery vocals, the frontman could be spouting gibberish (or, in the case of the chorus, a series of yeah, yeah’s and yelps) and this would still make for a rousing and motivational listen.

The band’s upcoming sophomore album, out 31st August, is called Joy as an Act of Resistance, and 'Danny Nedelko' follows through on the promise of that title with an energising blast of anger and idealism.