The Blinders bring Jack Rocks to its knees and tell us what's next for 2017

Indie | Tuesday 18th July 2017 | Alice

I met with The Blinders backstage at the Jack Rocks Stage at The Isle of Wight festival 2017. In between the hustle and bustle, just before their set on the renowned Jack Rocks Stage.

I had looked forward to chatting with the boys about their current work and aspirations since I saw them as a supporting role for The Shimmer Band at The Camden Assembly a few months before. The three piece never fails to impress with their rock punk grunge set.

Made up of Charlie McGough, Matt Neale & Thomas Haywood, who doesn't seem to have an issue with capturing the crowd's attention with his brooding gaze and movements, the band certainly wasn't looking to change a thing for their highly anticipated set at IOWF. 

How did the band originate?

We've been best mates for a long time and in school, we had the idea of putting a band together around the age of 16/17. We were looking for the drummer of all drummers but Matt was already in a different band, luckily he decided to join u with us after a lot of nagging.

We’ve all wanted to do it. It’s one of those teenage lad aspirations; football or music or something like that. It was fun at first and then it started getting serious and people liking us and now we are here with you at IOWF.

Is music your primary focus or work? 

Matt went to music college which has come in handy for the structure of the music and the know-how of how it shouldn’t be not so much how it should. We are at uni which is good fun. I don’t think we have to take it too seriously as it’s all about the music over university

What have you been up to lately?

We’ve got a single out in July which is exciting and playing festivals over summer. We also have an EP in the works. We are now interested in getting the music done and out there. Late this year should be great for us as we solidify ourselves. 

We are also having a tour with Cabbage but that’s just literally been announced and we are really looking forward to that. 

Best, moment to date? 

In the middle of this tour at the Sunflower Lounge when we were playing all of a sudden everyone was singing back to us. To have your own music sang back to you is amazing!

Favourite upcoming band?

Idles. Their live show is a spectacle which we like to think we bounce off of. 

You've been quite vocal about politics, how did it feel hearing the results from this year's general election? 

There’s got to be another one. We can’t go into it like this. We feel disconnected from some of the public. We saw everyone behind the labour party, but there are too many closet voters who want to play it safe.

Who did you enjoy this weekend? 

Arcade fire!!

The boys went on to charm every member of the audience, with the crowds bouncing back on the energy, a certain pick me up for those of us who were paying for the day before.

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