Time to meet your Dream Wife

Indie | Saturday 20th January 2018 | Alice

Brighton trio Dream Wife take their name from the 1953 Hollywood rom-com and write punchy punk tunes for the empowered woman. They are a girl band perfect for any occasion. 

Already becoming known for their riotous live shows, Dream Wife have played alongside some other influential women, such as Sleigh Bells and The Kills and are now set to go out on their own huge European tour throughout March, playing London’s Heaven on Wednesday 21st.

Writing on themes of gender, sex and sexuality, Dream Wife have an undeniably powerful attitude, spreading messages important for both women, men, and everyone in between. Their self-titled debut album is released on the 26th January on Lucky Number, and includes some of their already popular hits like ‘Lets Make Out’, ‘Somebody’, and their latest punchy single ‘Hey Heartbreaker’.