Markantonio and Atroxx drop some thumping techno on AnalyticTrail

Other | Sunday 3rd June 2018 |

Markantonio is a veteran DJ and producer who in his career has collaborated with many artists including Davide Squillace, Paco Osuna plus Joseph Capriati, and his latest EP is a collaborative release made with Atroxx who has previously released solo music on AnalyticTrail.

AnalyticTrail for those not already familiar with the label is an imprint owned by Markantonio and it’s also the outlet for their collaborative EP titled Octave Shift.

This is the first time Markantonio and Atroxx have joined forces in the studio and the high quality of the output certainly suggests there might be more to come from the duo, who are both solo artists each with a regular release schedule.

One thing that runs through the release as a constant is the dark and brooding atmosphere which manifests into intense excitement perfect for a dance floor.

Each of the three tracks on the release is focused in on a different idea with the title track 'Octave Shift' having a hard-hitting broken beat rhythm. 'Give Me' has an arpeggio line and intense claps, whilst the rising pads of 'The One' makes it a bit deeper than the other two cuts.

You can pick up a copy HERE.