'411' by Daniel OG has got you feeling some type of way

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 29th May 2018 | Tania

Daniel OG, Hackney’s new hot MC has got the melanin like he says in his ‘411’ performance in Berlin’s A Color’s Show.

 Many compare him to the great B.I.G.G.I.E, and they got it damn right. He’s got the charisma and flow to match up to one of the greatest legends of hip hop. No unnecessary hassle, his flow matches smoothly to the beats. With AABB rhymes, Daniel OG imposes himself in the game with minimal effort and maximum impact. 

The track ‘411’ stands out from the crowd as you do not expect to hear such familiar vibes these days. Although it sounds familiar, the young MC has managed to bring back old school vibes in a modern setting.

 With this banger of a track embark on the rapper has managed to get everyone on their toes while waiting for his first mixtape dropping later this summer. 

We can’t wait to hear what Daniel OG has in reserve after ‘When I’ - his second single out in the wild. The future holds many great things for the young rapper, let’s see how well he handles his talent.

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