Artist of the Month: 6LACK

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 30th April 2018 |

Freedom: a need for release, liberation and independence – this was the underlying desire for the soulful sound of 6LACK (pronounced black). A longing so pressing that the name and theme of 6LACK’s debut R&B album (released November 2016) reflect this very pursuit.

The Atlanta-based songwriter’s exposure to music began in his father’s recording studio at the age of 4 and moved on to the rap battle scene of his middle school where he was often reining champion.

Between then and the release of his debut single ‘PRBLMS’, 6LACK spent 5 years not knowing ‘where he was going to eat or not knowing where he was going to sleep’ but values those hardships for defining him and his artistry.

Now he prides himself on creative freedom and uses this to share his experiences from love, life and the music business. He does this through his bold, honest and frank lyrics, which are beautifully woven into his trap style and mood-inducing music.

6LACK’s most recent single, ‘Cutting Ties’ is currently flowing through the earphones of millions - and shows a sincerity to his style, messages and overall musicianship.

You can follow 6lack here.