Cruelty-free makeup: A booming industry

Other | Friday 20th April 2018 | Yasmine

Makeup is part of our life, it is about changing the way others perceive us. We are sometimes obsessed by our image and the quest for perfection and sometimes we are not even paying attention to the products we are using on our skin.

The beauty industry is flourishing, each year new cosmetic brands emerge but what is a good cosmetic brand? Some people would say it is about the price but, is it right to say that the more expensive a brand is, the better it is for you?

At a time environmental concerns are no longer just an issue but a global duty, individuals should be more and more committed to keeping watch of their daily consumption. Food, transport, clothing, cosmetics... Everywhere we must ensure the issues of transparency and traceability continue to appeal to consumers.

Brands have been on a quest for transparency and ethics for a few years, consumers are becoming experts and delve deep into the origin of the ingredients and products they buy.

So to help you find the best cosmetic products here are 3 cool cruelty-free brands for you:

Kat Von D

Created by tattoo artist Kat Von D - whose real name is Katherine von Drachenberg-, the eponymous brand is renowned for offering longlasting products with intense pigments, whose coverage is total. Liquid lipsticks, contouring and eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, complexion correctors or foundation are guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Too Faced

Too faced has everything to seduce you, in addition to its cute, glamorous and sweetened packaging it offers a selection of vegan-friendly products.


The range of Tarte Cosmetics, guarantee "paraben free", "without mineral oil" and "without cruelty" makeup. It offers a universe filled with sequins and palettes decorated with leopard or graphic prints of different colours.

A special mention for:


Elf ( for "eyes, lips, face" ) is one of the cosmetic brands to position itself against products containing ingredients derived from animals.

It offers ranges of makeup at low cost. Because this brand can’t be perfect there is only one thing where you have to be careful about: the brushes and makeup brushes of the brand are not yet labelled as vegan!

All these cruelty-free brands prove that just like vegetarian or vegan diets, going green doesn't have to be boring, your future makeup beauty products do not have to be cold and austere, you can be glamorous and conscientious at the same time, this is all about good vibes!

If you want to go further and make your own cruelty-free cosmetics check out the blog of @Phyrra