Guestlist remembers Popcaan’s debut album 'Where We Come From'

Reggae | Tuesday 10th April 2018 | Jake

Popcaan was already a star when he began work on his studio debut album Where We Come From, but the sound he pioneered on the seminal work introduced a club-ready dancehall to a new audience and established dancehall as a fixture in clubs across the world.

Rising to prominence as Vybz Kartel’s protégé, Popcaan gained a considerable Jamaican fan base featuring on a number of riddims alongside bigger names. Kartel’s incarceration only spurred Popcaan on, with his stardom growing in the absence of his mentor, he soon gained the attention of Drake.

This cosign built up hype around the impending release of Where We Come From, although Drake wasn't featured on the album. The LP is all Popcaan, save for a solitary Pusha T feature, and it feels like an exhibit of the artist, a crash course in the direction he wants to go in.

Featuring production from Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch and Anju Blaxx, Where We Come From introduced a new take on dancehall and its legacy is still felt today as clubs blast the latest tweaks to the sound.