Art meets music with Rie Fu

Other | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Gassy

Rie Fu is a  Japanese singer who relocated to the UK last year to bring us soft and reflective sounds from her past as singer, songwriter and globe trekker she was and still is.

She truly is a real breath of fresh air, with a certain candidness down to the lightness of who she is, transpired in each of her songs.
She is versatile in style, from pop, to electro, rap, jazz, soul and other styles that she explores through her music. She reveals her love of art with an underlining celebration of her Japanese roots. 

Art harbours each and every one of her videos. You can truly feel that she is not just a voice but also highly artistic which makes her dark videos, very colourful with acute simplicity.

Her last video "Benevolent creature" is re-affirming her candid, simple style and her mastery of the piano. Her words are a definite asset to her music. She speaks about, life, love, travel, solitude, the emotions that make us human. 
Discover this multi-talented artist and attend her EP launch At The Finsbury London.