The Blaze are back with a heavenly tune

House | Monday 19th March 2018 | Joséphine

The Blaze were the French winners of the European Border Breakers Awards in 2018 and now the duo is back with their latest track 'Heaven', one year after their sublime EP Territory.   

As usual, the discreet cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric who are both film and sound directors have created a visual masterpiece for the music video for 'Heaven'. Speaking of their love for music last year they said: "Our love is being in the studio, making sound and thinking about clips. 

'Heaven' is filmed in the sunny countryside where a couple is having a picnic with their baby and friends.The happiness of the scene is further reinforced by the melancholic house, sensitive soul and euphoric pop played throughout the video. The cinematic electro and the commanding male vocals playing throughout capture an idyllic scene, that you could even describe as 'Heavenly'. 

In the meantime, you can look forward to an album by the Blaze being released in June, less than a year after their magnetic EP Territory.