The Mambo Brothers on Miami Music Week, Bust Ups and Hierbas Liquor!

House | Thursday 16th March 2017 | Patience

The Mambo Brothers (aka Christian and Alan Anadon) are widely known for their successful DJ careers and legendary parties at Cafe Mambo. They have previously played at Holy Ship, All Pete Tong and Tomrrowland Brasil.

But while they are taking up residency in Ibiza, the sunset paradise of the party people, they play at clubs like Elrow, Ushuaia, Pacha and Snakeys. With one of their tracks Momento being featured on Netflix's festival film XOXO, it is easy to see why the brothers are getting love from the likes of Pete Tong, Danny Howard and DJ Target on BBC Radio 1.

Already making serious moves this summer the duo plans to perform at this year's Miami Music Week. But before they take over the stage with their infectious beats, we caught up with the duo to talk about their future projects and Mambo's top tips to surviving Miami Music Week!

Give us a bit of background - how did you get into music?

Music has always been there for us. We grew up in Café Mambo!

Christian: I’ve been playing in Savannah as a resident back in the day when I was just 17! But the Mambo Brothers concept started back in 2013 thanks to the Mambo World tours when lots of venues asked to book us when we were not DJing! Then we thought it would be cool to come back to it and here we are! 

What's the best part about performing with your brother?

The arguments that we have 20 minutes before the gig! We can punch each other and hug it out 10 minutes after….

Your track Momento was featured on Netflix's XOXO, how did that happen?

The film was a big thing for us, it came through our publishing company, we couldn’t believe it! Our first major track was featured in a film!

How do you balance being the faces of one of the most well-known bars in the world and having a successful music career?

There is no balance! Just work!

Well, we have a great team at Mambo, that allows us some time to focus on our music.

Give us the Mambo Brother’s 3 top tips for surviving Miami Music Week?

Drink plenty of coconut water, swim in south beach and practice safe sex!

What would you fill a swimming pool in Miami with if it could be anything?

Hierbas liquor from Ibiza!  What a dream…

 You have toured several places and countries but what has been the most memorable one?

Asia and Australia!

We really need a tour manager next time we go there, we missed a couple of flights, and lost a camera and iPhone, lucky for us we kept our passports safe!

What ideas changed your life?

Enjoy every single day at work, and get a good team around you.

What else is in the pipeline for the Mambo Brothers?

We have a couple of new tracks that will be released very soon! In terms of gigs, we’re going to the Emirates again in April as well as being part of the Waterland cruise festival just after that.

We are also making our UK festival debut this year at WE ARE FSTVL which is going to be incredible. So many of our friends are playing, the line up, it is unreal.

Oh and of course, all the Ibiza stuff that we can’t reveal yet!