Meet our new little boo, French DJ Petit Biscuit

House | Thursday 18th January 2018 | Gassy

DJ Petit Biscuit also known as Mehdi Benjelloun is entering the world of Djing at the tender age of 18.

His style is a mix of eclectic sounds that are not just noise but are quite balanced out and easy to listen to. It is music you could play in your car on a road trip or in the morning as you wake up. 

Like his hit single ‘Sunset Love’ which stays true to form with its soft electronic sound, otherwise known as electro pose, Petit's future looks promising. 


The DJ has already started to get love from countries such as Canada, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the States, for now, the sky is the limit for the young Parisian. 

Listen to his mixtape below and fall in love with this little music jewel: