The guide to raising mini world changers

Other | Thursday 1st March 2018 | Gassy

We Guestlist tribers are a bunch of different people with different voices who want to bring positive changes to our world, and we all want the same for our kids.

It is said that a personality is shaped during the years (0-3), therefore, this it may be time you read our guide to raising mini-world changers.

Take them on holidays abroad:

What has taking children on holiday got to do with raising kids with a will to change the world? Well, a lot. Going on holidays expands your mind, it opens up knowledge on people and cultures and makes us more tolerant and understanding when facing life. Therefore, we believe that it is very important for children to explore different cultures and traditions. Please take them back home to the place their ancestors came from, (we all came from Africa!) show them the real, raw side of a country and not just the touristy places.


“Walk with your hand on your heart”

Mother always taught you to be true with how you feel. This is an old grandma's recipe to survive life and I guess, teaching children to not hide their feelings will allow their peers to understand them better in situations. Don’t teach them to bottle up their feelings but to cry if they want to cry.

That alone will change the world in itself. If people know how you feel and put themselves in others shoes, wouldn’t it improve your relationship. Banish “man up” and “stop crying” from your language but ask your kids why and how you can help them to feel better.

From there they will learn to be more empathetic.  

Positive vibes

Many kids burst out in tears after declaring “I cannot do it”. That is a great time to teach them the value of being positive. “If you want, you can” “I believe in you, you can do this”. These are great ways to boost their confidence, so they can grow up ready to take on the world, no matter their areas of expertise. There is a place for everyone in this world to succeed at something!

Don’t kill their childhood dreams

“I want to be a singer” They say! Well don’t tell them “no, you better study hard at school and forget it all”. After all.. did we listen to our parents? Instead youy can try “Well, work hard at it and don’t forget that even world renown singers like Kendrick Lamar are straight A students…” (before he joined a street gang of course, however, they don’t need to know that lol)  Do not kill dreams, either they will grow out of it at the right time or they will actually make you proud and achieve them. Life is game so let them chase their dreams and play!

Take them volunteering

As you may recall, Guestlist went volunteering at the Brixton soup kitchen and there were many young ones helping to do good for other people. It is great to take your children to charity events and to explain to them how people got to be living in the streets, why this or that person may be less fortunate. They will be grateful for what they have and also they will learn that we are all the same and that some may need a little help to get their lives back on track whilst others are more fortunate.