Feast your eyes on this - Charlotte Devaney drops new single 'Avocado'!

Other | Friday 26th January 2018 | Annalisa

British DJ/producer & platinum selling artist Charlotte Devaney has dropped a new single which is bound to be rolling around in your head for weeks. We all know Charlotte for her music, but you might not know she's a passionate animal rights activist and vegan.

Her latest single is 100% original, with a big bassy beat as always that is sure to work wonders on any dancefloor. Coming together with Interscope Records and Rich Forever Music’s Rich The Kid, they've put together a banger with a twist. Have a listen and you'll catch the 'Avocado' vibe!

With Charlotte's background as an animal rights activist & vegan, she has partnered with PETA the world's largest vegan and animal rights charity to launch the record with a campaign helping people to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to making the change to being vegan which is what to eat!

Watch Peta's viral video here and discover some easy to make recipes to get you on your way to a new life as a vegan!

Download, stream and buy merchandise for the single here