Apple announces its most advanced music system to date

Friday 26th January 2018 | Grace

Although originally announced in June last year, for fans the wait is finally over as Apple has finally announced the release date for their new Apple Home Pod music device. And that date is Friday 9th February 2018, with pre-orders already being accepted.

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But what is an apple HomePod and why all the hype? Well, the speaker not only boasts to have the highest sound quality but is also wireless and voice controlled. Okay, so wireless and voice controlled is nothing new in this modern world of technological advancements that we live in, however, something that the Pod will also be able to do is voice messaging, multi-room audio, checking the news and even changing the temperature of the home, something that other home music devices, such as Alexa, cannot currently do.

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However, the innovative music pod does not come cheaply. Currently being sold at £319, ApplePod is definitely more expensive than putting some speakers into the computer and sticking on YouTube. But with a higher sound quality and being able to pull of the same things that a smart phone can do and more, perhaps it is worth the investment.