The Kimoji vs The Kimunji

Other | Friday 12th February 2016 | Tom

An American Web Designer has recently released a number of emojis designed to challenge the Kim Kardashian, ‘Kimoji’ app.

Ben Gillin’s ‘Kimunji’ series has been designed to get people talking about the real issue of North Korea’s nuclear programme rather than the less pressing issue of Kim Kardashian.

Mr Gillin told the BBC: ‘Kim Jong-un is obviously a terrible person, but in some respects what the Kimoji app is doing to society is also terrible.The content is terrible - I imagine little kids using it. It's ending up in their hands, advancing their minds in certain ways’.

We would like to see more emoji sets, perhaps one designed to highlight the refugee crisis or an emoji set to highight the growing issue of Climate Change.

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