Netflix Worry As Competition Rises

Other | Thursday 2nd March 2017 | Idrees

Netflix is quite possibly the most addictive and popular product available at the moment. The company thrives on its flawless streaming service as well as their original content.

However, according to Netflix’s chief executive Reed Hastings, the streaming service now may be facing growing competition from Amazon, Apple and Google.

Netflix were the pioneers of the streaming service industry, capitalising on the publics need to binge watch as well as the demand for easily accessible content. Although, with competitors on the rise, perhaps Netflix needs to step its game up.

Recently, Amazon Studios oversaw the production of Best Picture nominee Manchester By the Sea, which garnered major success, providing Casey Affleck his first Best Actor win for his role in the film.

This exemplifies that Netflix are not the only ones who are capable of creating original content that is revered, most notably Stranger Things. However, despite the success, perhaps nothing of Netflix’s own content can compare to the success of Manchester By the Sea.

Not only this, with news breaking of YouTube TV streaming cable and sports network, it may not be smooth sailing for Netflix and their TV content.

We may be hearing the last of Netflix & Chill if this continues.