Orelsan: Rapping in all honesty

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 9th January 2018 | Gassy

French rapper Orelsan (Aurelien Contentin) is the politically incorrect kind of rapper. He shares, in all honesty, his views of the French society and its politics. His point of views is at times brutal. He is not only honest about himself as a human being who at times messes up but honest about his perception of the world.

His tracks are usually a mix of rap and typical French pop. His words are powerful. He does not use a lot of imagery, he says it like it is. His style is fluid, neat and will never confuse you on the message he wants to convey. He does not believe in dishonesty and hiding behind subliminal messages.

He has been associated with Eminem because he is a white rapper and for his thoughtful, yet blunt, raw truths about life. With his extreme point of view, Orelsan has found himself in the middle of controversies regarding sexism with his song 'Sale Pute' meaning "stupid whore" which have been seen as derogatory to women. 

Orelsan has been around for some time now. However, he gained national recognition with his second album Le chant des sirenes where he is portrayed as an anti-hero and his third album La fete est finie which is more personal.

His last hit song 'Tout vas bien' is about the lies we feed children with everyday life and how we reassure them about how the world is doing. 'Tout vas bien' means "everything is fine". However, he reminds us that children know more than we think they do, so why lie to them?

His third album reveals a new layer of Orelsan's personality, less violent and less controversial statements. He has learnt the hard way that in our world there is a limit to freedom of speech. Tolerance is required of every single artist in the world of music.

However, music is an art that can at times be abstract in which artist like Orelsan can hide many different messages but for him honesty is the key.