The best of vegan food this Christmas!

Friday 8th December 2017 | Grace

Christmas can often feel like a time for vegans to end up feeling really left out. But now, as veganism gains popularity, there are more and more options for vegans to eat, which are just as good, if not better than their omnivorous counterparts.

These are just some of the best alternatives out there:


Secretly known as the vegan Baileys, filled with chocolate and coconut cream from Marks and Spencers, it is a creamy alcoholic beverage that can only be described as a liquid orgasm for the mouth.


There is an amazing range of vegan chocolate out there, but the ultimate spoil yourself Christmas chocolate has got to be Booja Booja, which comes in a range of indulgent flavours. So. Freakin’. Good.


Forget the traditional turkey, Tofurky’s Family Roast is flavoursome, moist and even comes with its own stuffing. All you need to provide on the side is the vegetables and gravy.

Image result for tofurky


Just for Christmas, Violife have brought out their own selection of cheese including blu and the very festive cranberry. Vegans may feel left out of the evening crackers and cheese no more.

Mince Pies

Christmas wouldn’t be right without these little bad boys and Waitrose are selling vegan versions for only £1 as part of their essential range.

Image result for waitrose mince pies

So go vegans everywhere, eat, feast and be merry, all cruelty-free.