GLC show why there should be no fear of a Welsh planet

RnB/Hip Hop | Sunday 26th November 2017 | Phil

Unless you have been listening to UK hip hop since the late nineties, you probably won’t be familiar with Welsh hip hop’s most infamous crew Goldie Lookin Chain, our choice as this month's hip hop legends. Their output has been almost constant ever since and, having gained notoriety through the course of over ten LPs and mixtapes, most of them self-released, GLC hit it big in the early 2000s with their brand of jovial and distinctively Welsh rap.

Legends in their own right, soap bar specialists Goldie Lookin Chain can never be accused of taking themselves too seriously.  Far from it, some of their biggest hits include ‘Your Mother’s Got a Penis’, ‘Half Man, Half Machine’ and ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do’, a track that reached number 3 in the UK charts back in 2004, a feat rarely repeated by any British hip hop act. Seldom has the scene had such a popular yet self depreciating hip hop act. Approachable as always, they recently dropped a new LP named ‘Fear Of A Welsh Planet’ in typically amusing style and fashion.

So if you fancy a night full of fun raps, all terminally coloured in a proud and fiercely Welsh manner, make sure you don’t miss out on this night. Goldie Lookin Chain take over Oslo Hackney for one night only on December 9th. You can get tickets here.

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