WAH Nails Boss is revolutionising the beauty world

Other | Tuesday 21st November 2017 | Geri

Entrepreneur and beauty junky Sharmadean Reid is once again pioneering a new company.

After the huge success of WAH Nails that started nearly a decade ago, Sharmadean has spotted a gap in the beauty market. One that allows you to get the perfect pedicure or manicure, with a tap of a button you can book an appointment with a technician.

Beuatystack is her new tech startup and it's the future. A kind of social market space that allows individuals (approved by Sharmadean) to join and build their own profiles and feeds.

Taking the somewhat closed off beauty industry on a more creatively diverse path. Sharmadean is proving that it isn’t anymore about who you know or work for, it’s about how good you are.  

If you are also interested in starting up your own tech company here is Sharmadean with some top tips to help you with your vision.