Sharmadean Reid Nails it!

Other | Tuesday 9th May 2017 | Patience

Sharmadean Reid founder of WAH Nails, author, entrepreneur, MBE winner and the perfect example of badassery at work, is reminding us that the sky really is the limit.

In December 2008 when Reid had the idea for WAH Nails the financial crash had just happened, but that didn't stop her, if anything it made her more determined. "I was 24 years old and I was like of course I can open a nail salon in a recession."

Wanting to take nail art to whole new level Reid knew there was more to nail art than "airbrushed and garish colours", adding her own spin to things she has created sleek, edgy, and original nail art that you won't find anywhere else other than WAH Nails.

Image Credit: Wah Nails

But WAH Nails isn't just about having nice nails, it's about people, it's about community, it's about the "sickest of girls" finding a place to escape too.

As a young black woman, doing it on her own Reid confesses that, " A lot of people talk about empowerment by like meeting up and having discussions. If we are talking about what equality is, you are not going to be empowered on the playing field of white male society by talking about things. To me, you are really empowered if you are economically empowered..."

Following her own advice, Reid has built an empire, she now has her own WAH products in ASOS, leaving the rest of us wondering just how has she done it, in her words "Sleep is for billionaires and we aint their yet".

So groove on over to "THE BEST SALON EVA"  which you can now find in Soho and Stratford!