Skin care that cares - introducing Meow Meow

Other | Wednesday 19th July 2017 | Claudia

This year has seen a rise in cruelty-free skin care with big brands jumping on board it might seem like animal testing is a thing of the past. Not quite, most companies have danced around the idea of changing their methods, by testing it out on a few of their products, but haven't gone the full mile in completely eradicating animal testing from our shelves.

 I mean come on it's the 21st-century people there's got to be other ways of testing skin care products.

It's estimated that approximately 100,000 - 200,000 animals are subjected to cruel tests every year for the sake of our beauty products. Many of these animals include rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Typically these tests consist of skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed onto the shaved skin or eyes of these animals, some animals are even force fed to study and analyse general signs of illnesses, some of these experiments result in death.

These tests can cause irreversible damage, pain, blindness, bleeding skin and even internal & external defects. But what am I to do I hear you say, how do I get that porcelain clear skin without the guilt, well don't fret there's no need to go cold turkey. There are brands out there that are pioneers in protecting our furry tailed friends and here’s one.

Meow Meow is a small brand that sales and creates vegan products with only the naturalist pure sources available, so you beauty queens can look and feel great with clear skin and an even clearer conscience.

All Meow Meow's products are organic and are developed with modern culinary dishes in a concoction of natural and healthy ingredients for your skin.

As a small batch brand, Meow Meow's motto is to encourage small changes in the lives of customers through physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness.

The exact product ingredients that go into these skin care elixirs are typically unrefined plant oils, natural butters, steam distilled and cold pressed oils with organic wildcrafted botanicals. Meow Meow pride themselves on using no animal - derived ingredients, which makes all their products cruelty-free.

Meow Meow doesn't stop there with the fight to be natural they also strive to use the least amount of plastic when packaging and as an alternative, they wrap their products in PCP paper housed in glass containers that are beautifully designed.

Wow is there anything this brand can't do, appears not. I can just hear the skeptics saying oh well it's not possible they do every kind of skin care, well yes they just about do. Here are just some of the other products they sell.

So next time you're shopping for those pesky skin problems try an organic cruelty-free product as an alternative.

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Image Credit: Spinach for Breakfast