A Brief Guide To The EU Referendum

Other | Friday 19th February 2016 | Tom

Let’s face it, everyone in the UK is rather confused by the EU Referendum. It is seeming more like a long and expensive game of Hokey Cokey rather than what should be a ‘simple’ decision.

David Cameron is currently trying to negotiate a ‘better’ deal for the UK, a deal which clamps down on benefit claimants and NHS patients coming from European nations, as well as slowing down the closer integration of EU nations.

Some of these demands have been met by the EU, some haven’t. It is thought that countries in the EU would rather let the UK leave than reform the present EU system.

David Cameron’s position has been unclear, perhaps it is because his PR team haven’t been able to gauge public opinion, so they have told him not to commit to one side, but it is thought that he would rather stay in the EU.

The majority of mainstream press outlets have been campaigning hard to convince undecided citizens that they would rather the UK leaves the EU.

Realistically, people have a right to be undecided, there are both pros and cons to both side of the debate.

Leaving the EU would release the UK from paying ‘membership fees’ each year. Furthermore, it would give the UK full control of its borders, allowing the country to tightly regulate people entering from EU states.

Staying in the EU enhances the nation's trade, improving its economic situation, and provides the UK with more security as it means we are belonging to a bloc of like minded nations.

Perhaps the grass looks greener on this side of the English Channel, however, it may not be.